Monday, 21 November 2016

Y4 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Homework Project

We have finally arrived at the point in the story where Charlie and the other children have discovered ‘The Inventing Room’…


So, what we would like the children to do is get inventing and come up with a brand new item of confectionary ready for Christmas ….sweet, chocolate, lolly... absolutely anything… any flavour, any colour, any size!
Like our Egypt homework project, there are no rules- the children can draw, make, model, colour, paint, design, stitch, use IT or even cook their new addition to the Wonka Range! The sweet must have a name, a description of ingredients and who it is for… and it must be linked to the Festive Season!
The date for their projects to be brought to school is Tuesday 13th December which gives the children 3 weeks to come up with something amazing so we can show them off in the run up to Christmas.

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