Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Investigating maths

We built on our review of addition and multiplication so far  this week by doing a selection of different investigation activities. By the end of the lesson "I can't do this!" Changed to "I've done it!" 

Sharing great story writing.

We all enjoyed reading our rainforest stories out aloud to each other. Next week Mrs Westcott, our Patron for Reading will be coming in to read them too. 

FA skills

We are really lucky to have FA skills teaching Year 4this term. Everyone worked really hard practicing their skills needed to get past an opponent. 

What do we start to start a settlement

A great start to our topic work this week. We sorted different things that we thought settlers would need to start a settlement. There was a great debate about shops, friends and healthcare . . . See what your family thinks is important. What we were the three most important things? 

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Potato Batteries.....

Our first electricity lesson looked at battery and mains operated items and the differences between them..... We even discovered you can make a battery out of two potatoes and some zinc and copper wire!

Incredible Jungle Homework from Willow