Read Write Inc Spellings

All the children will follow the Read Write Inc Units for Year 4 with support being given to review and revisit spelling patterns from Years 2 and 3.

Autumn 1 2018
Week 2 (17.09.2018)
Group A : treasure, measure, enclosure, pleasure, leisure, picture, adventure, creature, puncture, capture
Group B : treasure, measure, closure, pleasure, leisure, picture, adventure, mixture, puncture, capture
Group C : any, child, friend, here, many, measure, treasure, picture, mixture, capture
Group D : any, child, friend, here, many
Vocabulary challenge words: accident, centre, experience

Summer 2 2018
Week 7 (4.6.18) 
Badgers/Foxes: brochure, irregular, traveller, curious, knowledge, european, bicycle, history, forwards, centre
Rabbits: travel, Europe, Holland, train, euro, pound, water, any, many, after
Vocabulary challenge words: claustrophobic, genius, texture

Summer 1 2018
Week 6  20.5.18 
No new spelling - all to review Year 3 and 4 sheet for Rising Stars half term review test
No new vocabulary words

Week 5  (13.5.18) 
Vocabulary challenge:  Enterprise, jut, symmetrical

Week 4  (8.5.18)
FOR all children to review and learn words on the Year 3 and 4 spelling word mat. 

No new vocabulary words this week. 

Week 3 (30.4.18) 
Badgers/Foxes: height, measure, quarter, caught, earth, guide, breath, fruit, natural, occasionally
Rabbits: grass,
Vocabulary challenge: Abundance, resilient, isolated 

Week 2 (26.4.18) 
Badgers/Foxes: length, separate, admission, confusion, explosion, decision, decide, divide, division, possession, occasion
Rabbits: length, long, hopping, swimming running, making, taking, leaping, animal, rainforest
Vocabulary Challenge:  iridescent, clementine, foliage 

Week 1 (19.4.18) 
Badgers/Foxes: rainforest, tropica, equator, layer, emergent, canopy, understorey, creature, ecosystem, habitat
Rabbits: rainforest, tropical, equator, layer, canopy, humid, damp, animal, habitat, jungle

Vocabulary challenge: capybara, thunderous, torrential

SPRING 1 2018

Week 9  ( 5.3.18)  Year 3 and 4 (Years 1 and 2 review too)  essential words review 
Badgers/Foxes: arrived, decided, described, early, group, heard, minute, often, possible, probably
Rabbits: after, pull, push, many, find, found, which, when, who what

Vocabulary challenge: disastrous, memorable, innovation

Week 8  (26.2.18) Unit 6 ay sound spelt -ey, eigh
Badgers: Shaftesbury, primary, neighbour, weight, eight, grey, obey, straight, history, February
Rabbits: eight, again, weight, again, February, Shaftesbury, Primary, grey, they, today
Foxes: neighbour, weigh, eighth, straight, Shaftesbury, Primary, obey, vein weightless

Vocabulary Challenge:  Dreadful, diabolical, distressed

Week 7 (21.2.18) 
Badgers:  breath, breathe, quarter, woman, women, enormous, character, increase, question, interest
Foxes: breath, breathe, quarter, limitation, admiration, business, character, strength, experience, interest
Rabbits: breath, out, after, woman, house, ever, every, friend, interest, most

Vocabulary challenge:  unsightly, gallant, destroyed

Week 5  (29.1.18) prefix review un-, dis-, mis-,
Badgers: Consider, impatient, illegal, incomplete, potatoes, although, disappear, extreme, medicine, heart.
Rabbits: unkind, dislike, take, unclear, making, like, each, have, make, taking
Foxes: Illogical, illegible, illegal, incomplete, potatoes, although, disappear, extreme, medicine, heart.

Vocabulary challenge: formidable, discombobulated, inconceivable

Week 4 (22.1.18) 

Badgers:  groan, mane, grown, doesn't, pear, reign, pair, rain, actually, perhaps
Rabbits: Grown, mane, rein, their, you're, yesterday, every, they're, water, some
Foxes: Groan, mane, grown, doesn't, pear, reign, pair, rain, actually, wasn't

Vocabulary challenge: breathless, attractive, unbearable

Week 3  (15.1.18) topic words and prefix inter-
Badgers:  their, there, soldier, interest, international, army, intercity, enemy, strength, exercise
Rabbits: there, their, internet, interval, because, whole, won, army, soldier, battle
Foxes: their, there, soldier, centurion, difficult, conquer, formation, armour, leather, empire

Vocabulary challenge: willowy, spirited, grotesque

Week 2 (8.1.18)  short sound 'u' spelt 'ou'
Badgers:  trouble, young, country, double, tough, rough, enough, surprise, famous, knowledge
Rabbits:  double, trouble, touch, they're, with, Roman, bath, march, build, strong
Foxes: roughest, countryside, troublesome, toughest, rougher, enough, touching, doubled, experience, youngest

Vocabulary challenge: pompous, vile, scrawny

Week 1 (2.1.18)  Review of all words learnt in Autumn term

AUTUMN 2 2017
Week 12 (4.12.17) suffix -ly - drop the Y for an I
Badgers: which, witch, accidentally, happily, angrily, cheekily, finally occasionally, automatically, magically
Rabbits: when, which, where, witch, finally, sadly, cheekily, ever, every, doing
Foxes: basically, gradually, accidentally, merrily, sleepily, angrily, happily, dramatically, physically, occasionally

Vocabulary Challenge: audacious, frustrated, blissful

Week 11 (27.11.17)  words for Christmas and plural patterns
Badgers: elf, elves, reindeer, strange, appear, sleigh, through, opposite, Christmas, December
Rabbits: Christmas, December, cabin, Wednesday, snow, blow, glow, fireplace, elf, elves, present
Foxes: creation, surprise, automatic, autograph, leisure, imagination, position, question, mention, invention

Vocabulary Challenge: heavenly, considerate, hideous

Week 10 (20.11.17)  words containing prefix auto and suffix -tion
Badgers:delicious, surprise, automatic, autograph, leisure, naughty, position, question, friend, invention
Rabbits: automatic, autograph, with, like, taking, friend, chocolate, one, two, even
Foxes: creation, surprise, automatic, autograph, leisure, imagination, position, question, mention, invention

Vocabulary challenge: dazzling, extraordinary, mesmerising

Week 9   (13.11.17)
Badgers:  chocolate, froth, delicious, creamy, tasty, liquid, favourite, various, fudge, surprise

Rabbits:  chocolate, munched, pretty, creamy, tasty, every, melted, steamy, ate

Foxes:  chocolate, flavour, delicious, Imaginary, tasty, liquid, favourite, various, fudge, surprise
Vocabulary challenge:  dumbfounded, bewildered, succulent

Week 8 (6.11.17)  - words containing -ar, and past tense -ed
Badgers/Foxes:  Peculiar, particular, grammar, library, ordinary, popular, regular, separate, calendar, believe.
Rabbits:  waited, pulled, pushed, passed, told, again, regular, sugar, were

Vocabulary challenge:  rotund, delightful, mischievous

AUTUMN 1 2017

Week 7  ( 16.10.17)  ure at the end of a word
Badgers: they, there, measure, treasure, pleasure, leisure, picture, furniture pressure, finally

Rabbits: they, there, treasure, picture, said, any, saw, come, came, finally

Foxes: they, there, puncture, adventure, measure, treasure, leisure, picture, pressure, finally

Vocabulary Challenge:  anxious, hesitant, venomous

Week 6 (9.10.17)  double letters before suffix ing or ed
Badgers: our, hour, stopped, dropped, tripped, running, digging, beginning, certain, interest

Rabbits: our, planned, stopped, dropped, tripped, running, digging, beginning, come, some, here

Foxes: our, hour, stopped, tripped, running, digging, beginning, notice, certain, interest

Vocabulary: wary, repulsive, lanky

Week 5  (2/10/17) silent gh
Badgers:  There, they're, their, where, through, eight, weight, straight, though, thought

Rabbits:  There, they're, their, where, through, eight, floor, door, behind, find

Foxes:  There, they're, their, height , through, eight, weight, straight, though, thought

Vocabulary Challenge: Clandestine, butter fingered,

Week 4 (25.9.17) prefix mis and un 
Mistake, mislead, disagree, undo, unfair, misplace, misunderstand, suddenly, excited, off

**  Mistake, mislead, disagree, undo, unfair, every, suddenly, excited, went, with

**  Mistake, disagree, undo, unfair, off, kind, suddenly, excited, went, with

VOCABULARY CHALLENGE WORDS: antiseptic, bumbling, blundering


Week 9 (26.6.17)
Spelling focus on ea sound and homophones
* Earth, early, heard, heart, friends, Tuesday, Wednesday, February, tomorrow, yesterday
**  Earth, early, heard, heart, friends, Tuesday, Wednesday, February, tomorrow, there, they're, their

Week 8  (19.6.17)
Spelling list focus on plural words and review of prefix and suffix
*   potatoes, leaves, knives, women, bushes, forests, answers, appear, disappear, appearing
** potatoes, parties, knives, women, experiments, possessions, sentences, circles, certain, uncertain, certainly, allowed, aloud

Week 7  (12.6.17)
Spelling list focus on words ending in -tion
*  Nation, fraction, motion, potion, station, lotion, question, interest, children, parents
**Election, fraction, operation, competition, station, imagination, caution, interest, accept, except, groan, grown.

Week 6 (5.6.17) 
Spelling list focus on silent letter and homophones 
* know, who, whole, hour, climb, brake, break, your, you're, learn.
** knowledge,  whole, hour, island, climb, quarter, question, brake/break, you're/your, learn

Week 5 (22.5.17)
Spelling list focus on C that sounds like 'S' 
* centre, century, certain, circle, decide, bicycle, exercise, sentence, friend, people
** centre, century, certain, circle, decide, bicycle, exercise, sentence, decision, experience, medicine

Week 4  (15.5.17)
Review homophones 
Spelling list focus on double letters 
* pass,  grass,  school, pretty,  appear, disappear,  suppose,  opposite,  address, difficult,
**  accident, accidentally,  address, business, difficult, disappear, possession, opposite, tomorrow,
your, you're, there, their, they're  used correctly in a sentence.

Week 3 (8.5.17)
Review homophones 
Spelling list focus on -ous sound
*  dangerous, obvious, famous, curious, serious, could, would, should, caught, again
**  dangerous, obvious, famous, curious, serious, mountainous, courageous, occasion, occasionally,  reign/rain/rein used correctly in a sentence

Week 2  (2.5.17) 
Complete Unit 11 - -que eg: antique 
Spelling List Focus on silent gh sound
*  eight, eighth, height, straight, though, thought, through, even, everybody, every

**  eight, eighth, height, naughty, straight, though, although, thought, through, off/of used correctly in a sentence

The expectation is that all children will be able to spell the Red words (these are words that should be spelt correctly by the end of Year 2)  that we review,  and that most children will be able to spell the Orange words (these are words that should be spelt correctly by the end of Year 4).

Week 1 (24.4.17) 
Unit 11  - -que eg: cheque, antique, grotesque 
Orange group - focus on  -ar sound:  peculiar, particular, grammar, calendar, regular,  separate, which, witch, there, their, they're
Red group -  which, witch, why,  who,  how, there, their, they're,  separate, grammar
Week 12  (27.3.17) 
Unit 14 - sion part 2
Orange group - focus on subordinate conjunctions to be used in writing this week: finally, eventually, consequently, meanwhile, however, although, except, unless, therefore
Red group: because, finally, however, also, next, going, doing, suddenly, meanwhile

Week 11 (20.3.17) 
Unit 14 - sion part 2 
Orange group:  climbing, friendly, coldest, prettiest, grassy, improve, actually, experience, certain, natural
Red group: climb, friend, friendly, cold, pretty, prettiest grass, certain, certainly
All to keep reviewing the patterns for adding suffixes eg: when to swap an i for a y.

Week 10  (13.3.17) 
Unit 13 - sion contd 
For all groups -er ending
Orange group: Remember, consider, quarter, answer, bigger, smaller, offer, straighter, builder, earlier
Red group: bigger, smaller, taller, fatter, thinner, offer, wider, louder, remember

Week 9  (6.3.17) 
Unit 13 -  sion
-le pattern for all groups: table, little, possible, castle, people, middle, puzzle, bottle, angle Challenge: comfortable, crackle

Week 8 (27/2) 
Unit 12 complete and Special Focus 4 - Homophones
For all groups: homophone focus - they're, their, there, here, here, grown, groan, reign, rain, rein, peace, piece, fair, fare.

Week 7 (20/2) 
Unit 12 - Adding -ir to words beginning with r eg: irregular, irresistible, irresponsible,
For all groups: review of question words and tricky words not being correctly spelt consistently enough.
went, with, who, which, when, why, what, where, suddenly, however

Week 6 (6/2) 
Unit 10 -- adding -il to words and revising un -, mis-, dis- eg: illogical, illegal, unclear, disqualify.
Revise all red/orange words for review
Week 5 (30/1) 
Unit 9 - words ending in sion eg: discussion, possession,
Orange words:  business, appear, answer, describe, disappear, February, experience, sometimes (pink) ancient (pink)
Red words: anyone, past, school, so, talk, water, we, walk, want

Week 4  (23/1)
Review of singular and plural noun spelling, possessive apostrophes
Orange words: different, century, ordinary, quid, woman, occasionally, actually various, therefore
Red words: where, wear, through, brother, kind, children, mind, could, pass
Week 3 (16/1) 
Unit 8 - words beginning with sc eg: scissors, science, scientific
Orange words: breath, consider, experiment, grammar, medicine, natural, purpose, particular, finally
Red words: by, class, grass, hold, no, other, pull, push, some

Week 2 (9/1) 
Continue homophones  and complete/review Unit 7 - ous words
Orange words: build, complete, eighth, forwards, length, occasion, pressure, suppose, opposite
Red words: ask, bath, cold, climb, father, how, last, move, over

Week 1 (5/1/17 2 days) 
Review of homophones - their/there/they're, our/are

Week 14 (12/12) 
Unit 7 - words ending in -ous eg: mountainous, dangerous, glamorous
Orange and Red Words: review of words already learnt.

Week 13  (5/12) 
Unit 6 - Continue unit  and focus on grammar features of possessive pronouns and possessive apostrophes
Orange words: actual, bicycle, circle, extreme, eight, island, recent, through, though
Red Words: eye, full, here, his, money, most, only, pretty, tall

Week 12 (28/11) 
Unit 6: Words with -ay sound
eigh eg: sleigh, weigh.
ei eg: vein, reign.
ey eg: obey, grey
Orange Words: calendar, decide, exercise, height, mention, position, sentence, strength, women
Red Words: any, break, child, Christmas, everybody, great, love, my. sugar

Week 11 (21/11) 
Spelling Focus and review of previous units and red/orange words (Jelly bean day on Friday!)
Orange Words: accident, arrive, caught, enough, increase, peculiar, probably, weight, fruit
Red words: busy, even, fast, house, mother, out, put, she, we

Week 10 (14/11)
Unit 5:  Prefix inter eg: International, internet and also review of prefixes: super eg: supermarket, anti eg: antifreeze and sub eg: submarine
Orange Words: although, continue, group, naughty, ordinary, potatoes, various, material, woman, chocolate
Red Words: both, every, he, her, me, my, told, what, you
Week 9 
Unit 4: Continued adding the suffix -ly eg: happily, sleepily dramatically, accidentally, rudely
Orange Words: Actually, different, notice, quarter, perhaps, eight, centre, century, possession
Red Words:  Beautiful, be, call, find, go, half, poor, to, was

Week 8
Unit 4: Adding the suffix -ly eg: happily, sleepily dramatically, accidentally, rudely
Orange Words: Special, minute, believe, early, learn, possess, promise, straight, address
Red Words: all, saw, buy, come, does, parents, said, Mr, Mrs

Week 7
Review of all words and best ways to remember how to spell tricky words and looking for patterns of letters in words.

Week 6
Review:  Units 1 - 3 and Special focus on 'ou' as 'u' sound e.g: enough, double, trouble
Orange Words:  Separate, accidentally, busy, occasionally, heard, often, regular, appear, interest
Red Words: 

Week 5 
Unit 3: Focus on words with prefix auto e.g.: automatic, autocue, autobiography
Special focus: review of ou with short U sound e.g.: double, enough, trouble
Orange Words: Certain, although, difficult, therefore, strange, describe, surprise, imagine, heart
Red Words: Could, floor, door, they, your, because one, two, who

Week 4: 
Unit 2: Focus on words ending in -sure/ture e.g.: pressure, leisure, picture, adventure
Orange Words: popular, reign, guide, guard, famous, earth, important, knowledge
Red Words: Down, above, friend, are, people, clothes, behind, why, again 

Weeks 2/3 
Unit 1 focus on words with prefix - mis, in, dis un e.g mislaid, disappear, mistake, disappoint
Orange Words
possible, answer, question, thought, history, remember, library, favourite, disappear
Red Words
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, old, says, there, small, sun, hear, gold, now, of

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