Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rainforest expedition

Today, year 4 completed a number of challenges imagining they were in the rainforest. The challenges included, crossing over a marsh, finding food for camp, collecting water from the river and building a bridge. All of the children worked really hard in their teams and we had great fun.

Science 21.4.15

Year 4 enjoyed a plant hunt to find all the flowering plants on the field. We have collected some to press in our classrooms.

Literacy 21.4.15

Then we designed information posters about the rainforest. We will post the finished projects for you to see.

Literacy 20.4.15

To begin our rainforest expedition, we researched information about the rainforest using the iPads.

Maths 16.4.15

This week we have been exploring coordinates and navigating our way through the rainforest.