Friday, 15 May 2015

Deforestation debate - RRS

In literacy, we split into 7 groups and each had a different viewpoint on deforestation. We built an argument for or against and we enjoyed debating our ideas as a class.

Maths 14.5.15

In maths we have been reminding ourselves of the number line method for division and are moving on to chunking next week.

Science 12.5.15

In science, we learnt how to calculate the age of trees by measuring the circumference and dividing by a certain number depending on what species of tree it was.

Art 8.5.15

We have learnt about Henri Rousseau and tried to recreate his rainforest picture. Here is our display, come and have a look outside the classroom.

Literacy 7.5.15 - RRS

Here are some of Willow class' information posters.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Compassion for our neighbours - Oak Class Assembly 06.05.15 - RRS

We agreed that our neighbours can be living next door to us, in neighbouring towns or even different countries! We started to think about our Global Neighbours, by discussing a story about a refugee.
Charlie, Isla, Keira and Oliver checked 4 of the UNICEF rights from the corridor display, and we thought about their relevance to the story.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Our playground WONDERWALLS! - RRS

Lower KS2 had some great ideas for their WONDERWALLS questions, and I bet you could think of lots more! My favourite question that someone would like to ask a dinosaur, is: "How sharp are your teeth?" Hmmm..... I expect you could think of some great similes for that!
As sharp as.......
Look out for next week's questions, and be careful not to smudge the chalk! (Hopefully the rain is reading this message, too!)