Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Archaeologists come to visit

Following up from our exciting find we also were lucky enough to have a visit from two local archaeologists. They showed many Roman artifacts from a recent dig they had done. Both Emma and Dan were impressed by the excellent "thought provoking" questions the children asked and by their good behaviour -well done Year 4!  

And back in the classroom . . .

We could see all the details on the ancient artefacts and thought that some may not be quite as old as others. We also brainstormed words that we our use in our news report. 

What a find!

It was an exciting morning out by the school pond . . .  A lot of brilliant thinking about what the finds could be and where they might have come from. 

A phenomenal find!

We practiced our headline writing following up on the amazing find in Josie's bedroom  on Thursday. We then used what we had learnt to make the headlines in  First News even better. 

Mr Toogood on incredible find....

All will be revealed as the week progresses.... Ask your children about today's exciting news!

Cream Cracker Challenge

To discover the importance of saliva at the start of the digestive system the children had to eat 3 cream crackers in 60 seconds. Ask them how they got on........

Monday, 30 January 2017

Word Wizards

In Word Wizards we had to use the clues in the text to identify the creature - it was a lion! We searched for the adjectives and nouns in the description and answered questions about the text too!

Think of an animal that lives on grasslands. How would you describe it? Tell someone at home or school the adjectives and nouns which you would use and see if they can guess the creature.


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Thursday, 26 January 2017

Oak team work

Wow when faced with a team work challenge Oak showed how well they can work together when given a paper chain making challenge! In just a short time they met their targets they set themselves and in some cases managed to make the chains even longer. Decisions about the width of the paper to cut, whether glue or tape worked better were all part of the decisions they needed to make. Great work and looking forward to building on this cooperation over the next few weeks. 

Team Work in Willow

🔺The children have been put into teams to improve their team work skills. The children had 10 minutes, 8 sheets of paper, 2 pairs of scissors and 2 glue sticks to make the longest paper chain they could. The team work was amazing as you can see from the results.... More team challenges next week.....

PE - Apparatus and Hoop Routines

Exploring Newspapers

We didn't do much writing today but still did loads of learning. We started to explore the features of a newspaper article by studying different examples from First News!